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    Because One Language is Not Enough

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hyperGlobal is an international marketplace of ideas. A global town hall meeting. Like the op-ed page of a major newspaper – but multilingual.

Power of Translation

Why Translate

Because One Language Is Not Enough

There are more than 7 billion people living in 200 countries – but only 27% of online users use English. In this day and age of globalization and instant communications, publications that simply connect English-language writers to English-language readers leave billions of people out of the conversation. hyperGlobal wants to close that gap.

Google Translate “Ain’t” Good Enough Yet

Many people ask, “But isn’t Google Translate already doing that?” The truth is no. Algorithms and translation software such as Google Translate are great for what they do – translating small strings of words and phrases from one language in to another. But the software isn’t yet good enough – some say it never will be – to communicate the kind of nuance and complexity that is part of what makes good writing good.

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hyperGlobal Publishing invites the best writers and thinkers from around the world to produce original analysis and commentary that we’ll translate – by humans, not computers – and publish daily to our website.We’ll start with five of the most common online languages – English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish – thus reaching a far-flung and diverse global audience on day one.


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